April in Milan: events and concerts

It is spring and the city of Milan is filling up with colours and activities : shows, meetings and concerts liven up the town


From April 1st to 3rd : miart-international modern and contemporary art exhibition

In spring there is a well defined place for Italian and International visitors hunting for great twenty century masterpieces, latest generation’s artists and design authors that is to say Miart – international modern and contemporary art exhibition located in the “Fieramilanocity” pavilions.


Miart 2022 is the leading proponent of a new phase ,the first movement of a new possible symphony, in a month full of art important events.


Among the artists we recommend some leading personalities of the 59th international art exhibition of the “Biennale” of Venice : Carla Accardi, Tomaso Binga, Miriam Cahn, Giulia Cenci, Gabriel Chaile, Loise Nevelson, Joanna Piotrowska, Grazia Varisco.


In order to display a clear and worthwhile allocation of spaces the exhibition sections are only three: Established which is the main section that houses, in an original way, galleries showing very recent contemporary works, XX century operas and collectors and authors design works; Decades, by Alberto Salvadori who explores last century history through monographic projects from 1810 to 1910; Emergent, by Attilia Fattori Franchini dedicated to the young galleries. This section will be placed at the entrance of the expository path in order to give prominence to the search of the latest generation artists and gallerists.


miart a milano aprile 2022

Sunday April 3rd : 20th Milano Marathon


On Sunday April 3rd the twentieth edition of the Telepass Milano Marathon ,one of the fastest 42 km race of the world, will be held.


The starting line and the finishing line are in the middle of town (Corso Venezia),close to Giardini Montanelli. The plan is 18 km long within the ““cerchia dei Bastioni” in the heart of town and 28 km in all inside the“circonvallazione filoviaria”.


A whole route that offers the possibility of admiring an increasingly more beautiful town because of the mixture of historical and contemporary elements.


Up to June 5th at Palazzo Reale: Ferdinando Scianna. Viaggio Racconto Memoria


The piano nobile of Palazzo Reale houses a great anthological exhibition dedicated to the famous Sicilian photographer Ferdinando Scianna.


The entire career of the great Sicilian photographer is on display through 200 photos and through a well structured narrative path built on various chapthers and several ways of fittings.


The exhibition itinerary includes a special section devoted to Leonardo Sciascia ,Scianna’s friend and mentor. Scianna e Sciascia were friends during their lives, as thousands of unpublished photos witness. They were shot in summer at Racalmuto and during their journeys.


Up to July 3rd at Mudec: Henri Cartier-Bresson Cina 1948-49 | 1958


The exhibition has been made thanks to the cooperation of the Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation and gathers an exceptional corpus of photos and documents from the catalogue of the French photojournalist: more than 100 original prints together with printings of classic magazines, documents and letters from HCB Foundation’s collection.


Un unprecedented excursus which tells two key-moments of the history of China: the fall of the Kuomintang and the foundation of the communist regime (1948-1949) and the great leap forward of Mao Zedong (1958). An important moment in the history of Mondial photojournalism , lived through the personal approach of the master who is the first to highlight important themes of the change in the Chinese contemporary history. He is able to present to the western world questions kept hidden by the regime such as the exploitation of human resources and the omnipresence of militias.


An unmatched style able to catch the immediacy and the truthfulness of the «Istante decisivo».


By this point of view the usage of black and white in the photos gives him the possibility of drawing attention to the shape and substance of reality.


Up to July 31st at Mudec: Marc Chagall – Una storia di due mondi


The Mudec – museum of the Cultures of Milan houses the exhibition Marc Chagall – Una storia di due mondi” from the collection of the Israel Museum of Jerusalem.


The exhibition shows the Belarussian artist’s work from a new point of view by positioning it in the context of his cultural background, thanks to the extraordinary collection in the Israel museum, which offers a selection of over 100 works given mostly by the family and Chagall’s friends.


The exhibiting project is devoted in particular to Chagall’s graphic works and to his activity as publishing illustrator. The exhibition recalls some main themes of the artist’s life and production : from the origin in the native Vitebsk (today Belarus), described with love and nostalgia in the Ma vie series, to the meeting with the beloved wife Bella Rosenfeld, whose books Burning Lights and First Encounter he illustrated. The original drawings of these books, which recall Bella’s life in the Jewish community and were published only after her death, are on display.


The displayed works mirror the multifaced identity of the artist, who is at the same time the Jewish boy of Vitebsk, the husband who illustrates his beloved wife’s books, the artist who illustrates the Bible, thanks to which he fills the lack of a Jewish tradition in the Visual arts, and the original modern painter who, through the usage of the Christian iconography, grieves the terrible destiny of his Jewish people during his life.


Up to May 8th at the Teatro Dal Verme


In April the Festival Charlie Chaplin is carried on at Teatro Dal Verme of Milan. There are still two film showings supplemented by a live execution of the original soundtracks of Charlie Chaplin.


This event started on Sundays of February and were devoted to five Charlie Chaplin masterpieces restored by Cineteca of Bologna: : City Lights, The Circus, A Dog’s Life & Shoulder Arms, The Gold Rush. The films are sided by the live performance of the original soundtracks composed by Charlie Chaplin himself. The I Pomeriggi Musicali orchestra will perform on the stage, conducted by music experts in the direction of cine-concerts :José Antonio Montano for A Dog’s Life & Shoulder Arms (April 10th) e Helmut Imig for The Gold Rush (May 8th).




Here you can find some important concerts in April in Milan:  


ARISA: April 4th, Teatro Lirico Giorgio Gaber

BLANCO: April 6th and 7th, Fabrique

The Zen Circus:April 6th, Alcatraz

COEZ: April 7th , Alcatraz

SUBSONICA: April 12th and 13th, Alcatraz

TOKIO HOTEL: April 20th , Fabrique

VINICIO CAPOSSELA: April   20th, Teatro Lirico Giorgio Gaber

MAHMOOD: April 21st, Live Club

SAMUELE BERSANI: April 26th , Teatro degli Arcimboldi

MANNARINO: April 27th , Forum di Assago

IRAMA: Aptil 30th , Forum di Assago



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